The School-Based Registered Play Therapist™ (SB-RPT™) is a licensed or certified school counselor or school psychologist who provides play therapy to individuals, groups and families. Who qualifies to be a SB-RPT™? An SB-RPT™ credential is for candidates who hold:

A current

and active individual state license or certificate from the State Department of Education to independently practice as a school counselor or school psychologist, and two (2) years of continuous work in school setting post licensure/ certification.

A master's

or higher mental health degree with demonstrated coursework in child development, theories of personality, principles of psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychopathology, and ethics.


of additional play therapy instruction, supervision by an RPT-S™ and concurrent play therapy experience.

Note: if you hold a master’s or higher clinical mental health degree in counseling, marriage and family therapy, psychiatry, psychology, or social work, and are pursuing a state license in one of those fields, you may qualify for an RPT Credential. This is not an exhaustive list of requirements, See APT for more details and requirements. Final approval for any credential is at the sole discretion of APT.

For SB-RPT™ Candidates We Track
  • 150 hours of Play Therapy Instruction and recommended Play Therapy Primary areas
  • Supervision by an RPT-S™ for no less than one (1) school year
  • A minimum of 600 hours direct contact hours using play therapy
  • A minimum of 50 hours of simultaneous play therapy supervision
  • Individual and Group Supervision hours, and supervisor observations
  • Contact vs. Non-contact hours
  • Multiple play therapy supervisors and multiple sites
  • When you or your play therapy supervisor’s credentials are up for renewal