Who qualifies to be an RPT-S™? An RPT-S™ credential applicant must hold:

A current

RPT™ credential issued by APT for a minimum of three consecutive (3) years in good standing at the time of application.

A state

issued clinical mental health license for three (3) consecutive years in good standing in without conditions.


of additional play therapy instruction, supervision by an RPT-S™ and concurrent play therapy experience.

The RPT-S™ credential represents an advanced level of expertise in the field of play therapy. RPT-S™’s:


supervision to play therapy credentialing applicants and serve in a gatekeeping capacity.

Are obligated

to identify gaps in knowledge and supervisee skill sets


recommendations for remediation, when necessary


the integrity of the play therapy field and the vulnerable children and families play therapists serve.

Note: RPT-S™ applicants must be approved by their state mental health board to supervise others/interns whether or not they choose to supervise others for licensure or towards APT credentialing. This is not an exhaustive list of requirements, See APT for more details and requirements. Final approval for any credential is at the sole discretion of APT.

For RPT-S™ Candidates We Track
  • Hours by Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3
  • 150 hours of play therapy instruction and recommended Play Therapy Primary Areas.
  • A minimum of 350 direct client contact hours
  • A minimum of 50 hour of supervision by a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor™ (RPT-S™)
  • Individual and Group Supervision hours, and supervisor observations
  • Contact vs. Non-Contact Hours
  • Multiple play therapy supervisors and multiple sites
  • When you or your play therapy supervisor’s credentials are up for renewal
  • Instruction hours by APT approved provider
  • Your minimum 2-year training requirement and alert you when you are nearing the seven (7) year ceiling